17 October 2014

How to Obtain a Partner Development License for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

​This article describes how you can generate and download a partner development license for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

​Demo/Dev License Overview
Demo/Dev user licenses are provided to Microsoft Dynamics SPA and Sales Affiliate partners. Microsoft does not charge for Demo/Dev user licenses; these licenses are provided free of charge under the Not for Resale Licensing Program (NFR). Demo/Dev licenses are provided for customer demonstration, development and testing purposes only and cannot be used for internal use purposes, in any form of live, production environment or be transferred to customers.

The Software licensing benefits provided by the Microsoft Dynamics SPA and Sales Affiliate programs are specifically for partners to learn about Microsoft software and services, develop and support solutions on Microsoft platforms, and promote and sell our latest Microsoft software and services.
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  1. Anonymous19/6/17 23:03

    I've recently searched for microsoft dynamics partner and I found a lot of offers from partners and gold partners, but I can't understand the difference between usual and gold partner? Would someone explain me what can I expect more from a gold partner? Or it's just a title?