30 December 2014

Technical Tutorials : About the Technical Tutorial Tag

Why new tag (Technical Tutorials)??
Over the past few months I got few requests from my friend to start a new blog which will completely based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV technical scope.WIthout starting a new blog I thought to create a new tag.  

So here we go!! 

What will this tagged post will have??
With this newly created tag I will start a new series of programming tutorials for the new comers to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Reason for that is, there are many blogs and articles available on very advance concepts and advance programming on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but there are very few blogs which provide foot steps to the new comers to the NAV and sometimes they struggle to start their journey with very less information.  

I still remember how I used to search on internet to get more info about NAV (I still do) and how I read the found information with a greed. I was a regular visitor of many NAV blogs (mainly Mohana's) and I read some articles over and over again to get the information and knowledge. 
Blogging and knowledge sharing is one thing that will help us to grow in our own way. So as the same way I would want to share my experience or re share the experience of others in a very descriptive manner to make easy to make the early foot steps into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Please provide your feedback with a comment. 
Happy Coding!
Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara


  1. hi tharanga,
    really nice idea! I also write postings mainly for newcomers, because i made the same experience, that (good) basic informations on all levels (technical, architecure, programming, business level, general usage of NAV) are rare. So let's close that gap. :-D

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    Glad you liked it. There are so many guides about advance stuff but it is bit hard to find very basic things.
    Let's do this :)