19 June 2015

How to save request page value for next run

Default reports of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will save the request page values and allow the user to modify them in the next run of the report. However when a developer develop a new report it will not save the last run value of the request page. I saw few threads in the Dynamics NAV community forum regarding this. 

This is how you modify the report to save the request page values. 

+ Open the report in the developer environment and go to Request page.
   View -> Request Page

+ Go to the properties of the request page. 
In order to do that Click on the last line of the Request Page and click on the properties icon in the toolbar or press Shift +F4.

+ Set the Save Value Property to YES. 

+ Compile and Save the report. 

Thats it you are ready to go and hope this would help you and your clients in future. 

Please provide your feedback with a comment. 
Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekar

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  1. Hi Taranga,
    Good Day!
    When we Set SaveValues Property on report and trying to run it from code (Using report variable - ReportVariable.SettableView(RecVarible) and ReportVariable.RunModal). But the filtered data is not showing in next run. Is this possible to capture filtered data of a request page from code?