24 September 2015

Limit the Posting Period by Company

  • To view the posting period setup overview and hierarchy, click here.
  • To check on how the posting periods ranges are working, click here
To limit the posting period by company you should set the date ranges in the General Ledger Setup

Follow below steps to setup the Posting Period by Company
  1. In the search box enter General Ledger Setup, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the General Tab specify the Starting Period and End Period.
    • Starting Period- Should select from the Allow Posting From field
    • End of the Period-  Should select from the Allow Posting To field
Once the period been setup if any user try to post any entries outside the allowed range following error will displayed. 
Hope this tutorial will help you in future.  

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara 

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