13 September 2016

Few more weeks to go : Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 & Roadmap

In few weeks time Microsoft will release the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Few months ago Microsoft has published the latest Dynamics NAV roadmap and from that we can get a glimpse of what will be on next version. 

You can check more related videos from the "World Partner Conference". As  mention in his blog post following are the main sessions which will directly impact on us

  1. CE101 - Capture the growing opportunity of business applications through Microsoft Dynamics
  2. CE151 - The future of business solutions for SMBs: What’s next for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics S
  3. CE171 - Learn about the Microsoft Dynamics licensing supporting the next wave of products and services
  4. CE141 - Creating the Microsoft Dynamics partner of the future: Microsoft’s partner strategy, plans, and programs to support your success
  5. CE601 - Accelerate your cloud business with Microsoft Trusted and National Cloud offerings
  6. CE152 - Expand your cloud offering using Project "Madeira": A completely reinvented business solution for SMBs
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Tharanga Chandrasekara

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  1. Looks like some exciting new things coming for Dynamics. Thanks for the headsup!

    Dynamics GP Ecommerce