19 October 2016

Date Shortcuts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I have seen many users are using T when they want to get the Today in the Dynamics NAV, however they do not know thre are few more shortcut keys they can use to ease their life when working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 
Following are some of other options available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV related to dates. (In order to below keys to work, field should be a Date Field or Date Filter Field)
  • T - It will return system date (Today)
  • W - It will return the Working Date (Setup in the Dynamics NAV)
Do you want to get the "Days of the Week" ? It also posible with few keyboard key ins. 
  •  M - Monday
  • Tu _Tuesday
  • We - Wednesday 
  • Th - Thursday 
  • F - Friday
If you are working on the weekends, then sorry. You might have to type the dates manually into Dynamics NAV.

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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