What is new in 2015 : Simplified UX

Sometimes users complain that Microsoft Dynamics NAV user interface is not much user friendly and it does not support the user tasks. However with the previous release (Dynamics NAV 2013, Dynamics NAV 2013 R2) Microsoft has focused lot about their UI design. In order to provide more user friendliness, Microsoft has introduce 4 new features in the Dynamics NAV 2015,

1. Mandatory fields
2. Auto-fill No field.
3. Totals on documents
4. UI Elements removal

These new features enables the user to read, navigate and make tasks easier and faster. 

Mandatory fields

Red asterisk mark will show in the each mandatory field. However we can mark all the fields using this functionality and this does not enforce any validation. That means user can still close the page without entering any values into these fields.

Auto-fill No field. 
On sales orders, which have multiple number series, the No. field is shown

On sales invoices, which only have one number series and Manual Nos. = False, the No. field is hidden. The Invoice number is still shown both in the window caption (top) and in the page caption so the user can still see the No. 

Totals on documents
It is now very easy to check if the document lines have been filled as expected and values are correct (Total and VAT amounts).

UI Elements removal
System will remove UI elements that are not in the users license or permission set. 

Thank you and Regards,

Tharanga Chandrasekara. 

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