Create a Sales Invoice From a Sales Quote – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

With the Simplified UX of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, Users can convert Sales Quote to a Sales Invoice with a click of a button. This means user does not have to go through sales order management features. 
This functionality is available for the Small Business Role Centers. ( If you want to add this to other role centers you need to do customization)

Please follow steps to achieve this. 

1. On the role Center, select Sales Quote to open the list of sales quotes already been created. 
2. Then click on the New Button in the Home tab of the new Group to create a new sales quote. ( Refer below image)

3. Then select the Customer from the list and it will fill all the customer relevant details into Sales Quote.
4. Check the Document Date, Shipping Date, Due Date, Requested Delivery Date.
5. Add a line to Sales Quote
6. As the step 06 click on the “Make Invoice” button on the Home Tab of the Process Group.

7. Click on the Yes button to create the invoice. 

8. Once the Invoice created system will prompt a message saying “Do you want to open the created new invoice?” Click Yes. 

9. Following is the image of created invoice. 

10. Once the invoice is created system will automatically delete the Sales Quote. 

Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara.

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