Length of G/L Account name in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I was reading Vjeko.com and I found this article about Length of the G/L account. 
May be you already know this and may be not. Therefore I thought to share it with you all again. 

In earlier versions of Dynamics NAV (before NAV 2013) default length of the G/L Account Name in the G/L Account table was 30 Text. 

Dynamics NAV 2009 SP 01

With the introduction of Dynamics NAV 2013, Microsoft has changed this to text 50. 

Dynamics NAV 2013

This may sound very minor thing if you never had a customer who never want to change the name of the G/L account. I have experienced this several times, where my client do not want to change or short the name of the G/L account at any cost. So to cater their requirement we had to modify various objects. 

And with the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, length of the description of all the master tables has been set to text 50.

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