Background Posting – Part 01

What is background posting : Very simply, you are passing your completed document to NAS server to do the posting for you. 

What is the advantage of this : Since posting will happen in the background you will not have to face any screen freezing or will not have to tolerate the message of “Table is locked by another use, and try again later”.

Can we track who posted the document : Yes! background posting uses a dedicated session to post the document and it post the document as been posted by the original user. Result of this at any given time we can track who posted the document. 

So here we go..

In default background posting is allowed only to post Sales and Purchase documents. Following document types support background posting,

  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Credit memo
  • Return order

Background posting uses job queue and in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, job queue can be run directly through a user session or can be run through a dedicated NAS service. 

Microsoft Dynamics 2013 use two separate codeunits to control the background posting.

  • For sales – codeunit 88 – “Sales Post via Job Queue”
  • For purchase – codeunit 98 – “Purchase Post via Job Queue”
If there is any error in the posting, it will notify back to the user who initiated the posting. 
In default notification is only used to inform if there is a error in the posting, however it is possible to turn on the notification for successful jobs as well. 

You can see the notification from your home page or from the order and invoice list pages. 

Since job queue  are used in background posting, following things can be achieved,
  1. Can run many job queues with selection criteria per company
  2. Can run more than one job queue on the server at the same time
  3. Jobs will run with the user’s permission and no special security is required.
From the next post lets discuss about how to setup background posting.

Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara 

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