Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Pricing and Licensing

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The Perpetual Licensing model, available on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP starting with version 2013, provides customers with a simplified, yet flexible, purchase experience. The entire solution can be licensed with as little as one and as much as four core components: The Starter Pack, the Extended Pack, the Full User and the Limited User. Additional configuration components are also available.

With Perpetual Licensing, you must license:

  • The solution functionality; and
  • Access to the solution functionality by your users

The right to deploy the ERP solution’s core functionality is licensed through one required Pack and one optional Pack. The right for users to access the deployed ERP solution functionality is licensed through Client Access Licenses (CALs) with concurrent access rights. Please refer to the Software License Terms and the Licensing Guide for more information. ​


The required Starter Pack gives you core financials and distribution management functionality to help you:

  • Gain control and insights over your finances 
  • Manage sales items and materials in a distribution environment
  • Provide licensed users a singular view of the business from virtually anywhere through a variety of devices

And, to top it off, the Starter Pack includes your first three Full Concurrent CALs. For some customers, the Starter Pack is the only module they’ll ever need. ​

The optional and additive Extended Pack adds functionality that integrates the core financials and distribution management capabilities included in the Starter Pack with industry specific functionality extensions.

Full Concurrent CALs provide users full read and full write capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality through any and all modes of access, including the Windows Client, the Web Client, the Microsoft SharePoint Client, or any other mode of access going through the API (including Web Services).


Limited User licenses provide users full read but limited yet powerful write capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality through any and all modes of access including the Windows Client. The Limited User license is designed to give you a lower-cost alternative for extending ERP to users who only need to perform limited task as defined in the Licensing Guide.

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