Report Scheduling – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 – Part 01

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is now allowed users to schedule the reports. With the use of report scheduling in NAS, user can achieve following,

  1. Schedule resource intensive reports at the time of less usage of the server
  2. Run reports on the NAV server (NAS), instead of the client (Client machine should not equipped with high end resources)
  3. Save the report in desired format.
  4. Save the resultant reports for later viewing.
At the initial stage, a job queue need to be configured in order to run the report in the background. Also user should add the report inbox to the Role Center, so that job queue generated report can be transferred to the report inbox for user access. 
After the basic configuration is completed user need to select the schedule option in the report and fill the fields in the request page (Report Format, Time we need to have the report) for each report that he/she need to run in the background.

Once the report completed, it will automatically transferred to the report inbox in the Role Center where user can access the report. 
This is very value added feature because it allows users use the system while a very time consuming and resource draining report running in the background. 
From my second post of the “Report Scheduling” I will show you how schedule a report. 

Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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