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Happy New Year Everyone!!

May this year be a super awesome year with less code bugs and and less issues…. Thank you and Regards,Tharanga Chandrasekara

Technical Tutorials : Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Architecture (Client Tier – The Client Options – RoleTailored Client for Windows)

As mention in the earlier blog posts, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has different client types apart from the RoleTailored client. The different client options are not mutually exclusive: you can have different client options on the same computer. RoleTailored Client for Windows This is a Windows form-based client and it is designed as a the front …

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Technical Tutorials : Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Architecture (Client Tier – Introduction)

The Client Tier The client tier provides the client interface to the user and also it is responsible for data presentation.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 has the RTC and Classic client,  Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has windows client, web client web service client sharepoint client through Microsoft Dynamics NAV portal framework and  NAS service client …

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Technical Tutorials : Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Architecture (Introduction)

As a start to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Programming tutorial series we will discuss about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 architecture. Knowing the basic concepts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV architecture will be helpful during the programming. History of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Architecture.Versions before the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 was build on a two-tire architecture and …

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Functional Tutorials : What is ERP and Why to have an ERP ?

Objective of a ERP (Enterprice Resource Planning) Main objectives of a ERP is to integrate all the departments and functions across a company into a single system by using a common database. This will allow to have one correct set of data.  What is an Island SystemsMany companies in the world face a challenge of accessing the timely …

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Functional Tutorials : About the Functional Tutorial Tag

Why new Functional Tag?? Why not share our knowledge with the others? Each day we learn new things knowingly or unknowingly. Information and knowledge we gather on every day is very precious. To you it might be a very small functionality in NAV, but that small information might change the entire implementation process of another business. We never know the value of …

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Technical Tutorials : About the Technical Tutorial Tag

Why new tag (Technical Tutorials)?? Over the past few months I got few requests from my friend to start a new blog which will completely based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV technical scope.WIthout starting a new blog I thought to create a new tag.   So here we go!!  What will this tagged post will have?? With this …

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you and Regards,Tharanga Chandrasekara

Partner Academy: Project Manager

Welcome to the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Academy for the Project Manager. This learning plan has been designed to build your knowledge and skills in the following domains: project management discipline, solution design, implementation methodology and change management. Combined this knowledge will put you on the path to earning the certifications from Microsoft and PMIĀ®, the …

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Partner Academy: Consultant Role

Consultant Role, offering readiness and training programs for two distinct consultant types: Application Consultant Technology Consultant This role-based Academy has been designed for experienced consultants, new to Microsoft Dynamics, who are looking for guidance on how to gain the knowledge necessary to excel in key implementation areas. It also provides guidance to Dynamics-savvy consultants who …

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