Technical Tutorials : Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Architecture (Client Tier – The Client Options – RoleTailored Client for Windows)

As mention in the earlier blog posts, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has different client types apart from the RoleTailored client. The different client options are not mutually exclusive: you can have different client options on the same computer.

RoleTailored Client for Windows
This is a Windows form-based client and it is designed as a the front end for the three-tier architecture of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.It is an intuitive and versatile Windows application that developers, partners, administrators, and super users can customize to support the job functions of a full range of work roles in an organization.
For each role, Microsoft Certified partner or developer creates customizable Role Center that displays key information that is required for relevant employees and makes their day-to-day tasks easier to complete.
The following figure shows the role-oriented interface in the RoleTailored client for Windows.

RoleTailored client’s role-oriented, task-focused user interface is the main key feature of the client and it display the client in a model driven way and relies on metadata to display this data. 

This enables Microsoft Dynamics NAV pages to be used by different client types and devices without doing any layout limitations.

How to install Microsoft Dynamics Roletailored Client? 
You can install RoleTailored client for windows by selecting Client option or Developer option from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV setup.

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