Copy Company function in Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 onwards.

Copy company is not a new function for the users who have been using NAV for a long time, however I felt I need to write a blog post about it. 

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV if the user want to test transactions before enter them and post them in the live environment then this functionality will be very useful because it will allow the users duplicate the live environment and create a new company.

Copy company is a new functionality introduced by Microsoft in the 2013 R2 version, since the 2013 R2 version Microsoft removed the functionality of taking the .FBK from the application itself. So users didn’t had a easy way of making a test company without using powershell commands. 

In the earlier versions user had the option of talking a backup from the application itself and then rename the original company to a different name and then restore as a new company, unfortunately Microsoft has removed that functionality and given that functionality to powershell commands.

Using following few steps users can create a separate test company which has the same data as the live company. 

1. Go to Departments -> Administration -> IT Adminstration -> General -> Companies
(If you are using the search function make sure you click on the “Companies“. Not the “Company

I have only one company in the test environment and I want to duplicate this Cronus company. 

2. Select the company you want to duplicate. 
3. Click on the Copy button in the menu bar. 

4. Enter the name of your new company. In this case I will enter the name as “Test Company” and click OK. 

5. It will take few seconds – minutes depending on the amount of data company contains. 

My new company is available in the list and, now I can do all the testing in this newly created company. 

Please provide your feedback with a comment. 

Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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