How to Limit the Posting Period – Overview

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, administrator can limit the posting period with three different levels:

  1. By Company, 
  2. By User,
  3. By Template.

Once the posting period is set in the system using any of above options, user will not have the access to post any transaction outside the set range. 

Each of above option have its own purpose in the implementation and those will be discuss in the separate blog posts in future. 

What will happen if the posting periods are set in all the setups and which will be picked by the system? 

Following hierarchy chart will answer the asked question. 

  • If the posting setup is been set in the General Journal Template then Dynamics NAV will pick the posting date range from that despite the other setups. 
  • If the General Journal Template posting period is not setup then the next hierarchy will goes to User Setup.
  • If General Journal and User Setup is empty with no ranges setup then System will pick the posting date period from the General Ledger Setup
  • If all the setups are empty then system will allow users to post transaction to any date that user specify. 

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Tharanga Chandrasekara

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    Good explanation. I am in Sri Lanka itself. Can I have your contact number please?

  1. Thank you. Sure I can share my contact details with you. Just drop me a e-mail ( and I will send you my contact no via that.

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