How to Reconcile the Cash Account or Other Liquid Accounts Before Posting Transactions

After you have entered the entries in the journals, you may required to reconcile the cash account or other liquid accounts before posting them to the ledgers. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provide an in-built solution for above requirement. To activate this option you need to follow few steps. Please refer this link on how to activate the reconcile option in chart of accounts.

After you activate the reconcile option in the chart of accounts, you can proceed to your journals and reconcile the accounts with unposted entries. 

Following are the steps that you need to follow in order to reconcile the accounts, 

Method 01.

01. Open Journal and enter the required entries.

02. Click on the Reconcile button on the Home tab. 

03. Following screen will open once you click the reconcile button. 

  • 01 – will show the net change in journal for particular G/L account.
  • 02 – will show the balance after porting the transaction for particular G/L account. 

Method 02.

01. Click on the “Test Report” button on the Action tab to preview the report. 

02.In bottom of the report you will be able to see the reconcile values related to G/L account. 

Hope this tutorial will help you all in future.

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