Issue in 2016 C/AL Editor : F5 and Symbol Menu

Have any of you encounters a small bug in the Symbol Menu of Dynamics NAV 2016 C/AL editor?  

One of my colleague did! 

Open new Dynamics NAV C/AL editor and design a codeunit. Press F5 or go to Symbol Menu and then try to select a variable from the Symbol menu, normally it used to paste the value in the editor. But with the new editor it does nothing! 

I think this is a small bug in the new release and hope Microsoft will resolve this in the coming release! 

Please provide your feedback with a comment. 

Thank you and Regards,

Tharanga Chandrasekara

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  1. It's solved in NAV 2016 CU2

  2. Yes. They have and it is a lifesaver!

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