Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – New Exciting Features – Part 02

This is the second post of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – New Exciting Features article series.

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01. Changes in the code editor
This is a really good news for the Dynamics NAV developers! New looking code editor with so many new functions!

02. Intellisense functionality is available in the code editor (Autocomplete)
With this new function developer’s life will get much more easy and will give a feeling like working in the Visual Studio. 

03. Line Numbers in the code editor
This is a really value added to the code editor, and I really like this new feature because it ease my life as a developer. 

There are many more new options and lets meet in my next blog on new features! 

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Tharanga Chandrasekara

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  1. Hi, How to enable this features inn code editor

  2. There is nothing to enable, when you install Dynamics NAV 2016 you will get the brand new C/AL editor.

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