Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – New Exciting Features – Part 04

This is the fourth  post of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – New Exciting Features article series.
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01. Power BI

Power BI is now can be integrated with Dynamics NAV. With this package, users can start using and exploring their own data using PowerBI. The dashboard gives users KPIs and charts on their sales and finance data. 

PowerBI now have a separate service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to integrate its data with PowerBI. 
With the use of new service from Power BI, users will be able to have real time data analyzing functionality.
02. CRM Integration
With the new version CRM integration is smooth and easy.

Not like last adapter for the CRM.  With the CRM integration Microsoft has added a new table type as CRM. 
All the codes are moved inside to NAV and it is just a matter of modify them using C/AL editor. 

03. Get Exchange Rates
Now exchange rates can be integrated with a external services. I am pretty sure you will already have a extended module to cater this requirement. Now it is available with out of the box! Way to go Microsoft! 
There are many other new features and lets meet in my next blog on new features of 2016! 

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