Sell-to Customer and Bill-to Customer vs Item Sales Price

Today one of our new NAV client sent us a service request saying Item Sales Price in Dynamics NAV is not working as it should be. His complain was item sales price only works with some customers and for the rest of the customers system take the item card price at the time of creating the sales order. 

What could be the reason? Could it be a bug in the system.

We did check the setups in the item sales prices (Sales Code, Item No, Start Date,  End Date, Currency Codes, VAT Bus. Posting Groups, End Date) and also the Customer Setups (Currency Code, Location) but we could not find a issue in any of the setups. 
Therefore to find the root cause we start the debugging option in the Dynamics NAV. We found that customer filter is not getting applied (different customer number is been applied) and sales price table return with a empty data-set due to that. 

Keeping that in our mind, we navigate to customer card and found that “Bill to Customer” and “Sell to Customer” numbers are different. Our client has only sent the price lists for the “Sell to Customer” and not to the “Bill to Customer” code. 

Dynamics NAV get the Sales Price depending on the “Bill-to Customer” No. and not with the “Sell-to Customer” No. 

Hope this small information will help you in future.  

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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