SEA Community Leaders Meetup 2016

I attend to my first ever MVP gathering and I must say it was a truly an amazing event. Me and my buddy MVP friend from Sri Lanka (Janaka Rangama) attend the gathering representing Sri Lanka. 

Kuala Lumpur (KL) city is completely changed and most of the places that I have visited 6 years ago are not even there anymore. Therefore we changed our plan of resting at the hotel and we decided to walk around the KL. 

On the first day at KL we walked around 10-15 km and covered almost all the main places at KL. Importantly able to take a picture with the batman and his batCar! 

Me and janaka at some mall and we looks “OK” after 10+ km walk! Not bad! Not Bad!

On the first day of the gathering, it was all about networking with each other and met this really great people, Specially Karen Juhl (RM at Microsoft) & Kevin.

Kevin with his ID (Why ?? Why??)

My ID with MVP profile. 

Rightly so “MVP status is not the destination” 

We got a complete update on the MVP Award Program, it was a really good Q&A session. 

My team members…

It is party time at Microsoft. It was well arranged and loved the event.

Have you ever had a Microsoft MVP Cup Cake? It is delicious! 

At the day end we all went to KL tower. During the ride to the top we all experienced how Usain Bolt will be at a slow day! 

Some of the pic took at KL Tower.

Internal MVP gathering.. We’ll just say this is how MVPs network with each other… 

Not enough networking.. so we went out.. 

This is my favorite session in the second day.. IoT! It was really superb and special thanks goes to Punit Ganshani

MVP twins! Only in Malaysia! 

Finally a photo with icon of KL! 

Once again Thank you Microsoft, Karen Juhl, Soyoung Lee, Satoru Kitabata, Kevin Hwang for the wonderful event and looking forward to see you all in an another event soon 

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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