Preview of Dynamics NAV Development Tools – How to get Started

I think most of you know by now already that Microsoft has released new Development preview for Dynamics NAV. If you still not updated on that yet, then refer below link on the Preview of Development Tools for Dynamics NAV

In this blog post we are going to talk about how to get start with new development tools. Currently all these tools are available in a Azure VM. Therefore we required to create a new VM in Azure. Microsoft has already created a deployment template for you and all you need to do is fill the blanks in the template. 

Once that is done it will automatically deploy the VM for you. So lets get started.. 

Step 01 : Create Azure Subscription 
If you does not have a Azure account then you can try the free account. To create a new free subscription refer below link :

Step 02 : Deploy Azure VM
Click on below link, which will take you to custom development template in Azure. While doing that it might ask you to login to your Azure Subscription.

When the Deployment complete give it 10-15 min more until the Virtual Machine is initialized and VS Code has been installed and configured for you.

Step 03 : Connect to Virtual Machine
Select the Virtual Machine (Server1) like below and in next screen click on “Connect“. Which will download the “Remote Desktop Connection”

Enter the “vmadmin” password to connect to Virtual Machine. 

Once you connect to Virtual Machine you can see the below Desktop Icons which will allow you to open Web Client of Dynamics NAV and Visual Studio Code. 

Stay tune for next blog post on how to use Visual Studio Code to develop extensions for Dynamics NAV and how to use Web Client to rearrange pages.  

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Tharanga Chandrasekara

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