October 2019 archive

Platform property is still required in app.json

With the Wave 2 release, Microsoft did convert all the C/AL objects into AL. Since they want to lead by example they wanted their own code to be on extensions as well. Plus they wanted to split the objects based on its functionality. After converting to AL, Microsoft put the objects into below two extensions: System …

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How to handle breaking changes?

Wagner and I are on our way to Vienna to present at Directions EMEA, and now we got into our second flight after flying over 15000Km from Auckland New Zealand, to Dubai. We got another 6 hours to complete on this flight before we step our foot in Vienna. Went through the in-flight entertainment system, …

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Directions EMEA 2019 : We safely landed in Vienna

We safely landed in Vienna after flying over more than 18000+ Km. This is just normal to most of us who live on the edge of the world. As our prime minister used says even the shortest flight to our neighbor is more than 4 hours away. So flying for more than 24 hours is quite common …

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