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Cumulative Update 22 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has been released

Cumulative Update 22 includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. The cumulative update includes hotfixes that apply to all countries and hotfixes specific to the following local versions: AU – Australia AT – Austria BE – Belgium CH – Switzerland DE – Germany DK …

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Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms

This is not related to NAV! But this is fascinating! Microsoft picking up from where Google glass failed. This is just amazing!  For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world. Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you’ve never done …

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Number is missing in the Posted Sales Invoice list

Recently in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV forum we had a question related to missing number in the posted sales invoice list and I thought to write a small blog post about this. May be, May be you have faced this scenario in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.   Scenario is that Microsoft Dynamics NAV Sales Invoices are setup with …

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Copy Company function in Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 onwards.

Copy company is not a new function for the users who have been using NAV for a long time, however I felt I need to write a blog post about it. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV if the user want to test transactions before enter them and post them in the live environment then this functionality will …

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How to set/change the default sorting order of a page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Over the past few weeks I noticed there were several forum queries regarding how to sort a page with a different key. So thought to write a small blog post about how to do. As the example I would take customer ledger entry page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. As you see in default system …

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Microsoft has released programming guidelines for C/AL programmers to follow

Microsoft has released programming guidelines for C/AL programmers to follow. Why to follow guideline : It is not a must to follow these guidelines but it will definitely help other and the original programmer to understand the code in a later stage, Addition to that once the code is optimized program will run smoothly and even if there is a programming error it will be easy to …

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Either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-only – Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Once we complete the installation of Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Dynamics NAV all we want to have a smooth start up of the application and see the homepage of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. How many of us get that satisfaction ? I am pretty sure most of the people get the smooth startup of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. But for unfortunately …

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Function definition error in Dynamics NAV

This is a small issue I recently identified in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Last week I developed a function to do some email formatting and it compiled without any problem. Everything went very smooth without any issue until I call the developed function with the required parameters. Once I compile the codeunit which has the function call this error popped up.  …

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Happy New Year Everyone!!

May this year be a super awesome year with less code bugs and and less issues…. Thank you and Regards,Tharanga Chandrasekara

Technical Tutorials : Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Architecture (Client Tier – The Client Options – RoleTailored Client for Windows)

As mention in the earlier blog posts, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has different client types apart from the RoleTailored client. The different client options are not mutually exclusive: you can have different client options on the same computer. RoleTailored Client for Windows This is a Windows form-based client and it is designed as a the front …

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