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How to find which objects are included in our License and which are not

There is a very easy method to check which objects are in our license range and which are not. Many will what normal do is, go to each object and then click design button. If design window gets open that means you have access to that particulate object and if it throws the below error message, that means your …

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What is Cue and what is so special about them?

What is Cue and what is so special about them?During NAV 2009 if we ask the questions of what is a cue? Many of the people’s answer would be like ” Clickable colorless stacks of documents” If we ask the same question in 2013 R2 user their answer would like “Clickable blue tiles” Microsoft Dynamics NAV …

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Why no Try and Catch?

Yesterday I was going through various Dynamics NAV blogs and found a very interesting article about error handling. Over past few weeks I was planing to write a article about error handling and however it always got delayed due other topics came up with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. After reading the article of VJEKO, I thought to write another article based on his findings.  Been …

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How to upload license file into Dynamics NAV

If you are very new to Microsoft Dynamics NAV development this blog post will be a useful one. License file is required in order to do any activity in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In this post I am going to discuss about how to change and upload a license file into a Database. You need to have a development license to do development …

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How to Jump to a function

Today been a Saturday and stuck at home due to heavy rain, I was reading various Dynamics NAV related blogs and published papers. Then I found this article of how to jump to a function and thought to share it. For the past few years I have never used this functionality during my programming. However it …

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Indenting multiple lines of code

As from the day one of been a programmer it is advised to indent your code so that it is easy to read and easy to understand. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment this feature is available and some of new developers does not know how to use this functionality. If you do not indent your code then it will look like below …

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Comment and Uncomment Selection – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 comes as a collection of lot of small small modifications ( Advance features also there). One of the small features available in Dynamics NAV is commend and uncomment section of code. In previous versions what we used to do use is {} or // to  comment a section or line. With the use of {} we can comment …

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Non Default Property Values Bolded in Dynamics NAV 2015

Many of us including me, was wondering which object properties carry default values and which are not. Sometimes it is a huge pain for the developers and I have seen this with my team and how they really get annoyed with this.Every time may of us wished Microsoft will come up with a tool to compare …

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Dynamics NAV 2015 Image Library

If you want to check and use new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 image library please go to below link and download image finder. It will allow you to view all the available Dynamics NAV 2015 images.  Thank you AJK (Arend-Jan Kauffmann)  for this awesome application. For more info please click here Link : you and Regards,Tharanga Chandrasekara.

New Functions are Local by Default or Does it change depending on other Settings ?

Today I was working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. I was developing a sub module and my plan was to create a codeunit and then call its function from a page I created. So I created a new codeunit and then created several functions. I didn’t change any default settings of functions.  Then I went …

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