27 October 2016

Workflow Wizard with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

In previous version on Dynamics NAV, we had the option of creating workflows, which was one of the exsiting functionalities. For previoud blog post on Workflows click here

In latest Dynamics NAV 2017 product, Microsoft has taken a extra step to ease the life of partners and users. In new product you can create a workflow using a wizard! Exsiting!! 

If you go to Item Card, you can find this new featuer. 

Click on the "Create Approval Workflow" 

 It will open a Wizard to take you through the workflow setup

You can assign a approver in this window and set up the condition. Once the condifion is set click on next.

In this window will define when the approval workflow will trigger. Check all the condtions are in order and click on next. 

Summary of the created workflow. If you happy with it click on finish and Microsoft Dynamics NAV will activate the workflow for you. 

As per my workflow it should trigger when I change the unit price of the item. Lets give a try! 

When I exit from the item master page after changing the unit price, system trigger the workflow. It works! Item unit price will not change until the new price is approved. 

Stay tuned for more information....

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara