Automatically update AppSource apps with minor updates.

Before the 2023 release wave 2, Admin users could manually update specific apps through the App Management page in the Business Central admin centre or await a major update for the environment, which will automatically update AppSource applications.

What if you don’t want to do it manually or wait for a Major update? Let’s say you want to update the AppSource apps to the latest version with every minor update.

You are in luck, as with the 2023 release wave 2, Microsoft introduced an environment-level setting that automatically updates all installed apps with every minor update and lets you schedule individual app updates to take place during the environment’s update window:

By Default, the Apps Update Cadence setting is set to Default value on all environments. You do not have to do anything if you are happy for installed apps on an environment to only automatically update with major updates.

** With the Default setting, Microsoft will decide which updates to your environment will also update the installed AppSource apps. As mentioned earlier, Currently, the AppSource app update happens only with major updates, but Microsoft can choose to update the apps during minor updates in the future.

Therefore, selecting an option other than the Default is a good idea so you know what is happening in your environment. 

  • With minor and major updates: Installed AppSource apps will be updated during every minor and major update of your environment.
  • With major updates: Installed AppSource apps will be updated only during a major update of your environment.

Tharanga Chandrasekara

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