New operational limits on scheduled tasks.

The Microsoft Business Central version 23.3 completes the final segments of the new job queue tasks capabilities. With the new release, concurrency limits for scheduled tasks have been changed.

Concurrency limit for scheduled tasks

  • Old: 3 concurrently running tasks per environment.
  • New: 5 concurrently running tasks per user.

You can run as many scheduled tasks as possible if the environment has enough user accounts. However, you should not abuse the new capability as it will impact system performance. If Microsoft cannot scale the resources to run the tasks, it will badly impact the system.

Microsoft rate-limit document does state below:

The more users you have in your environment, the more tasks you can simultaneously run in it, as long as we can continuously scale our resources. If many tasks are running at the same time and we couldn’t sufficiently scale our resources, you might experience delays in running your tasks.

Microsoft Docs

Tharanga Chandrasekara

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