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PowerShell: Run Script Error: Exception setting “CursorPosition”

Last week I was working on a PS script to upload files to an FTP and this script supposes to runs through a windows service. It runs perfectly well when it runs manually with the PowerShell ISE. However, when I scheduled it to run it through a service, service logs below error in the error …

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Runtime Packages for Business Central On-Premises

Before you go through this blob, I suggest you read my blog post “Your program license does not allow you to publish” to get an understanding about the Runtime Packages.  Runtime packages are designed to help the distribution of extensions. You can generate Runtime packages that do not contain AL code. Runtime packages allow protecting the …

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Your program license does not allow you to publish

We recently ran into a new issue when we try to push one of our extensions to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 On-premise installations.  We used PowerShell script to upload the extensions to production and we did this couple of days ago too without an issue. However this time we got the below error during the installation : …

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