Directions EMEA 2023

This year, Directions EMEA is happening in Lyon, France, from the 1st of November to the 3rd of November. At the time of writing the article, over 2,500 people had already registered for the conference. I will lead two sessions with Stephen, which are related to Business Central integrations.

The first session is more about leveraging the message patterns available in Azure to build more efficient integration, and the second is about how to test integration in a production environment.

The second session is totally based on our personal experience, and we would love to have the session as a discussion with the audience. You may or may not agree with our approach, so we would love to hear your thoughts.

Below are the session abstracts. I am looking forward to seeing you everyone during the conference.

Mastering Messaging Patterns with Azure and Business Central

Messaging services are one of the most widely used integration services. They are critical to keeping systems like CRM and ERP up-to-date and connected to legacy systems that cannot expose APIs or are not always available.

The good news? Azure provides a significant number of messaging services. The bad news? So many times, people can become confused about how to implement well-known patterns using those components.

Although there is never just one way to implement those patterns, the right combination of components will help you to implement those patterns more quickly or efficiently.

In this session, Tharanga Chandrasekara (Business Solutions MVP) and Steve Gichure will discuss what technologies are available in Azure for Messaging and common messaging patterns. This session will be fully hands-on!

Streamlining Integration Testing in Production: Unleashing the Power of Business Central Interfaces

Are you ready to revolutionize your integration testing process and ensure seamless go-live transitions with Microsoft Business Central Interfaces? Join us for an insightful session as we dive into integration testing in a live production environment using Microsoft Business Central Interfaces. Discover how interfaces can be used to test integrations in real time just before the critical go-live phase.

Testing integrations in production is often a complex and high-stakes endeavour, demanding a robust methodology that guarantees accuracy and minimizes disruptions. This session will explore how to utilize interfaces to test integrations in your Business Central environment, specifically in the production stage, just before the go-live moment.

Through practical demonstrations and real-world examples, we will showcase the potential of interfaces in streamlining integration testing processes. You will understand the key features functionalities and learn how to leverage them effectively to conduct thorough and efficient integration tests in a live production environment.

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