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OAuth – Part 05 – Service-to-Service Integration and Task Scheduler

In Basic authentication, we used an actual user to connect to BC, but with the new S2S authentication we are not using an actual user and Scheduled tasks must be created and executed in the context of a licensed user. Therefore API requests cannot schedule a background task. It is simple as that.

OAuth – Part 03 – Logic App, OAuth and Business Central

This is the 3rd blog post of the OAuth series, and I have already completed the numbers 2 and 4. Once I complete this blog post today (Hopefully), I only have one to write. I will try to complete that one also within next week when I find some time during the night. I have …

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OAuth – Part 04 – Understanding Service Principal

In my previous blog post, we have gone ahead and registered an application in Azure Active Directory and then create an application account in Business Central. As the last step, we have granted permission from Business Central.

In this blog post, I’m trying to briefly explain what we did in little bit more detailed way.

OAuth – Part 02 – Configure Service to Service Authentication

In this blog post, I’m going to take you through the steps required to complete the OAuth client credentials flow for Business Central. Check this link if you want to refer to the official post from Microsoft.

HTTP GET Request in Azure Logic Apps

It is by default when Logic Apps exposes an HTTP Trigger Request, it uses an HTTP POST method. Recently one of my colleague asked is it possible to change the trigger Method to GET. Yes, this is very much possible. When the Logic Apps was initially released it was only able to support the POST …

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How to access action output in Logic Apps

If you are working on Logic App to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with any other third party application, by now most probably you must have used HTTP requests or custom connectors (mainly with SOAP web services).  I saw a couple questions in the forum asking how to access action output in Logic App.  …

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Call a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central function through a Web Service : SOAPAction

Today I did some work with a Logic Apps and one of the requirement was to call a Business Central function through a Web Service.  I normally use Postman to simulate requests, export the collection and use that to create the Logic App connector.  Codeunit which I published as a web service had few functions …

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