How to Jump to a function

Today been a Saturday and stuck at home due to heavy rain, I was reading various Dynamics NAV related blogs and published papers. Then I found this article of how to jump to a function and thought to share it. For the past few years I have never used this functionality during my programming. However it is very simple yet very useful to a developer. 

Two ways to do this. 
1. If you in the C/AL Editor then click on the function you want to see the definition and then right click on it. In the opening menu select “Go To Definition…”  (This only works within the scope)

It will direct you to the definition of the function. 

02. If you are in the C/AL Global window under function tab, Right click on the function you want to see the definiton and in the operning menu, click on the “Go To Definition…”. 

It will direct your C/AL Editor window to the function definition and will not set the focus to the C/AL editor window. 

Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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