How to use the System Indicator – Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If users are required to work in several Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance at a once in a given time, then System indicator will help you and make your life easy. 
System indicator will show you which instance you are currently working in and what is the database name you have logged in (You can change what details  should be displayed in the system indicator). 

If you are in configuration mode, then NAV will automatically display the system indicator and you will not be able to disable the indicator. For any other mode, you need to activate the system indicator using following steps.

Steps :

  • In the RoleTailored client, in the navigation pane, click Departments, click Administration, click Application Setup, click General, and then click Company Information.
  • Expand the System Indicator FastTab.
  • In the System Indicator field, select one of the following options.
    • Custom Text : Shows text that you enter in the System Indicator Text field
    • Company Information : Shows text that you enter in the Name field.
    • Company : Shows the company name.
    • Database : Shows the middle-tier host name and database name.
    • Company+Database : Shows the company name, the middle-tier host name, and the database name.
  • In the System Indicator Style field, select from the Standard and Accent1 through Accent9 options to add a certain style to the system indicator.
  • In the System Indicator Text field, enter custom text to show. To show the text, you must select the Custom Text option in the System Indicator field.
  • Click OK, and then exit and open the RoleTailored client to see the changes.
Company Name is displayed as I selected. 

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