Advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics NAV development environment in creating a Database

In this blog post I will not be discussing about the process of creating a NAV DB. In here I will be discussing about the advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment in creating a DB. 

Microsoft has provided main 2 ways of creating a Dynamics NAV database in SQL server. 
 1. Create the DB using SQL Server Management Studio
 2. Create the DB using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Window. 

What is the best way ?? It is very hard to pick a one from above two methods because both are almost same and required similar steps.

However I feel creating the DB from Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment is more safe and provide few advantages. 
As you know if you just create a DB using SQL Management studio, and didn’t do any modifications to the DB creation process then the DB will create a default filegroup call PRIMARY. This filegroup will be the primary filegroup and all the tables will be created on this filegroup.

It is not recommended to use the default filegroup for our usage. Leave it for SQL and create a separate filegroup and then work on that. 

So here comes the advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics NAV development environment to create a DB. Because when you create the DB using Microsoft Dynamics NAV development environment, system will automatically create a new filegroup called “Data Filegroup 1” apart from the Default filegroup and make that new filegroup as default. Every table will be created in this new filegroup and we do not have to do anything on this. 

There are few other additional advantages as well. i will write about them in my next few posts. 

Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara. 

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