Turn off data analysis mode on pages and queries.

When first introduced, the data analysis mode was available on all list pages, and it did not make sense to have that feature available for all users.

From version 23.1, tenant admins and AL developers can turn off the analysis mode on list pages and query objects unsuitable for analytical usage.

Below are the two options available to disable the analysis mode.

  • AL developers can turn off the data analysis mode using page object metadata.
  • Administrators can turn off the data analysis mode for specific users with a new system permission DATA ANALYSIS EXEC.

By using the “AnalysisModeEnabled” property, AL developers can turn on and off the Analysis Mode for the List page or a Query. Property is for each individual object.

The same goal can be achieved using the permission sets, but it needs to be kept in mind that the permission set applies to all the list and query objects, and there are no options to enable for a certain page and disable for another.

Microsoft has a permission set that allows users to use the Analysis Mode on the list page. Once the permission below is set, users can use the analysis mode in Business Central.

Tharanga Chandrasekara

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