Directions Asia 2024

Recap: Presenting at Directions Asia 2024 Conference in Bangkok

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Directions Asia conference in Bangkok, and I must say, it was an incredibly rewarding experience. If my memory serves correctly, it was my 4th Directions Asia conference. As usual, the event was exceptionally well organised, and everyone had a fantastic time, making it a memorable occasion for all attendees.

We had the pleasure of meeting an incredible group and engaging in delightful and priceless discussions.

Stephen and I hosted an exciting session about Azure OpenAI during the conference. It was our first time co-hosting a session about Azure OpenAI and Business Central. In all the previous conferences, we discussed Integrations with Business Central and Azure. This time, we thought of going in a different direction. Yes, it is integration but with Azure OpenAI this time.

Our session title was “We are utilizing Azure’s OpenAI to analyze data. Would you like to know more about it?” The abstract promised an exploration of the synergy between Azure Open AI and Business Central.

We had multiple demos prepared, which cost us a couple of sleepless nights, and I think it was worth it! What made the session truly special was the audience’s engagement level. The attendees were highly interactive, asking insightful questions and participating in discussions.

During the session, we took them through the Azure OpenAI integration patterns and considerations, then talked about how to integrate Business Central with Azure OpenAI, and finally showed them a very cool pattern they can use to analyze Business Central data using Azure OpenAI.

Last time, we had a few feedbacks saying they expected more technical side of things or, I would say, under-the-hood stuff. Therefore, this time, we delivered exactly what they asked for. We went technical, and the feedback we got this time was exceptional.

We received all five-star ratings from the audience. Thank you!

Now, I’m looking forward to presenting at Directions EMEA 2024. See you there?

Tharanga Chandrasekara

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