Posting Preview in Dynamics NAV 2016 – Part 01 (Functional)

If you are a Dynamics NAV user who is more into journal postings then posting preview option will be really useful. With earlier versions of Dynamics NAV users didn’t had a option to view the ledger and subledger effect on pending transactions. With new posting preview option available in the Dynamics NAV users has the ability to see the effect of the transactions before actually posting them to the journals. 

Therefore no need to have test companies or need to enter dummy transactions to test scenarios. 

Following are the steps that need to follow,

01. Enter the transaction in the journals
02 Click on the “Preview Posting” Action on the action tab in the ribbon under posting group

03. Once you click on the Preview Posting action button following window will get open. 

This window is much more similar to the Navigate search window in the Dynamics NAV. From this window you can select which entries you required to view and then click on the Show Related Entries action button to view the entries. 

As you can see Document Number will not be populated, that is because you have not yet posted the transactions and system did not assign a document numbers for the transactions. 

From next blog post I will update you on the technical side of this. 

Please provide your feedback with a comment. 

Thank you and Regards,

Tharanga Chandrasekara

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