Control Source code download from an AL Extension

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extensions now allow partners to decide if they want to share the extension source code with others or they want to go put it into a little black box.

If the extension contains code related to specific customer requirements then I think it is up to the customer and to partner to discuss and decide if they want to keep it open or close. If both the parties want to put the source code into a little black box then it is advisable to add the customer to the repository or share the code with the customer. Reason for that is, if the customer decided to change the partner then the next partner should be able to change or alter the existing changes to support the customer’s new requirements. 

How to control source code download:
This option of “showMyCode‘ available on the app.json of the extension. 

If this is set to false that means others will not be able to download the source code. 
showMyCode : false

showMyCode : true

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Tharanga Chandrasekara

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