Platform property is still required in app.json

With the Wave 2 release, Microsoft did convert all the C/AL objects into AL. Since they want to lead by example they wanted their own code to be on extensions as well. Plus they wanted to split the objects based on its functionality. After converting to AL, Microsoft put the objects into below two extensions:

  1. System Application
  2. Base Application
If you can remember in the app.json file we had to specify the “platform” and “application” versions to download symbols just like below. 

With the Wave 2 changes, our expectation was that we can simply remove the “platform” and “application” values from the app.json and set the dependency to “System Application” and to “Base Application” extensions. This was completely based on an assumption with “Microsoft completed splitting the objects”. 

As soon as we removed the “platform” we get errors on a few tables such as “Date’, Integer. It is clear that Microsoft didn’t complete on splitting objects into main 2 extensions and there are objects still sitting on the platform. Therefore we had to put back the “platform” into app.json. 

Once you download the symbols you will see 3 AL Packages in your .alpackages folder. 

We will have to keep this till Microsoft completely move tables and functionalities into the main 2 apps.  

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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