Notes from Directions EMEA 2019

Below are some notes I took during Directions EMEA 2019. A bit late to publish but didn’t want to just delete them. 

Treat extensions as products.

    • Which means releasing them to customers periodically.
    • Allow proper testing with proper test cases (Preferably automated testing).
    • Try to run all the customers on the same version.
    • Proper code freeze before testing starts. 
    • Configs should be in installation codeunits, upgrade codeunits or in Config packages
      • It can be automated during the installation

Customer extensions

    • The release should be periodic (Can make an exception if the fix is urgent).
    • Data changes should be in upgrade codeunits.


    • Should NEVER merge extensions together just because to avoid dependency.
    • If the dependency is troubling the deployment then try to restructure the extension.


  • CI/CD is a must with extensions as it makes life easy for the developers and also for consultants.
  • If you are not an expert on DevOps, then do not try to reinvent the wheel.
    • Try to implement a simple pipeline with available extensions and add-ons.
    • Once your company is compatible with the CI/CD and has a better understanding then invest in finding a solution that is perfect for your organization.
Number of objects
  • The number of objects in an extension should be less than 100 (not a rule, but if the objects exceed 100 then it is a good idea to rethink the design).
  • If the object count is going more than 100 that means (in most cases) this extension can be split into different modules.
  • Once the extension is split into different modules, it is easy to manage and implement.
  • New Logic Apps, Flow and PowerBI connectors allow selecting the environment.
Power Apps
  • To make the user’s life easy, try to use PowerApps for data entering.
  • Create dashboards for Extensions using available new telemetry APIs.
  • This allows partners to monitor the extensions and take actions before it ran into issues.
Try to go global not only local
  • BC is an online platform so partners get the opportunity to go global.
  • Whoever starts first wins.
  • Get your apps to the market and make your mark.

Please provide your feedback with a comment. 
Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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