HTTP GET Request in Azure Logic Apps

It is by default when Logic Apps exposes an HTTP Trigger Request, it uses an HTTP POST method. Recently one of my colleague asked is it possible to change the trigger Method to GET.

Yes, this is very much possible. When the Logic Apps was initially released it was only able to support the POST method.

If you click on the Add new parameter dropdown as shown in the below image, you have the ability to choose different methods such as GET, PUT, POST, PATCH and DELETE. In addition, you can also select Relative path which will allow you to retrieve parameters from your URL.

When you select the Methods as GET and save the Logic App, Trigger settings get changed as below. Now your logic app is ready to response to GET requests.

You can use “Response” action to return a response payload.

I will write another blog post on how to use the “Relative Path” to retrieve parameters from the URL and based on that how we can respond with different response payloads.

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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