NoImplicitWith: The type or method ‘Copy’ cannot be used for ‘Extension’ development.

If you have not read my previous blog, I suggest you read it to get a better understanding of NoImplicitWith.

Microsoft recently announced about obsoleting the WITH statement and if your app.json file contains NoImplicitWith as a feature then you will probably be getting below error.

The type or method 'Copy' cannot be used for 'Extension' development.AL(AL0296)

This is probably how your app.json file looks like. In order to avoid this error, you have two options. One is removing the NoImplicitWith from the app.json file, this is a fix I highly discourage you two use. I only add this to the post so that blog post will be complete and not because it is a good solution.

Second option is to fix it permanently by simply adding “Rec.” into the code.

It is an easy way to resolve the error and if you have hundreds of errors or warnings then it is better to use an extension that does this job for you with one command. Please refer my next blog to read about how to use a VS Code extension to fix these errors.

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Thank you and Regards,
Tharanga Chandrasekara

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