Tharanga Chandrasekara

Over ten years of experience in developing and implementing software solutions within the banking, tourism, manufacturing, education and retail sectors. Proven success of technical and functional skills in Technical Solution Development, Technical Consultation, Business Process Analyst, Process Re-Engineering, Solution Design, Project Management, Research & ERP Implementations. Managed and participated in over 40+ successful ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) implementations during the past 10+ years while building relationships and exceeding client and management expectations. Possess a strong ability to turn around at-risk projects and deliver unique results. Recognize the value of being friendly, calm and helpful when interacting with people in all areas of life and always willing to learn new skills to build on strengths and learn from experiences. Active member and a community moderator of the official Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community forum and regularly share knowledge with others through personal Dynamics NAV Blog, user groups and webinars. Strongly believes that "one small piece of knowledge someone shares today could be the cornerstone of a huge concept that changes the world tomorrow". Recognized as a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It is the only Dynamics NAV MVP in New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Specialities: » Development Languages: AL, C/AL, » ERP: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 to Business Central » Databases: MS SQL » Other: SANA, LS Retail

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Function Overloading in AL with Option and Integer

We never had the luxury of overloading a function in C/AL, but with the AL we have that ability. Which means you can use the same function name with different parameters.  This blog post is about a small glitch in the function overloading in AL and I will write a separate blog post about function overloading and its implementations (Excited about …

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Git Bash on Visual Studio Code integrated terminal

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) uses PowerShell by default in the integrated terminal. How easy would it be if Bash can be integrated into VS Code terminal? This is how my VS Code terminal looks like now: This can be achieved with a few steps. 1. Download Git ( and during the installation click below steps. …

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The runtime version of the extension package is currently set to ‘2.1’

While deploying one of our base extensions to a customer tenant we got an error with “Unable to Install the Extension *******”. This was the same extension we deployed to the same tenant couple of days ago with a different version. We revert our changes and try to publish it again but the same error.  …

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Control Source code download from an AL Extension

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extensions now allow partners to decide if they want to share the extension source code with others or they want to go put it into a little black box. If the extension contains code related to specific customer requirements then I think it is up to the customer and to partner …

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Get all Docker images available for Business Central

You can use below PowerShell script to get all the Docker images available for Business Central. This is very useful if you always work with Docker Containers and want to test your changes with different localizations and different builds.  If you are still new to docker then its better to read my previous blog post …

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Quick Fix : This AL extension version for Visual Studio Code cannot be used with the specified server.

If you recently pulled the latest Business Central image or update the visual studio code you might have already faced this error.  This AL extension version for Visual Studio Code cannot be used with the specified server. Please update the AL extension from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Additional information:Server details – Runtime: 2.3 – …

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Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs

API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface which allows applications to talk with each other. Simply put, it is more like a website, where you make a call to the server and you get a response from the server.  Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) expose many “ready-to-use” APIs which allows seamless integration experience between other …

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What is Docker? What are Containers?

Every year Microsoft is releasing a major version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and on top of that, they release monthly updates for each of these versions. You would love to have all your clients and developed add-ins to be only in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, we all know that is far …

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Third consecutive year as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) – Business Applications

Third consecutive year as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. It is a great honor to receive the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award.  Thank you, everyone, for helping me out on this great journey.  Thank you and Regards,Tharanga Chandrasekara

Dynamics 365 Saturday – Melbourne 2018

I will be taking the stage this Saturday with Wagner Silveira at Dynamics 365 Saturday – Melbourne to talk about “Richer integration with logic apps for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365”. Join us. Please provide your feedback with a comment. Thank you and Regards,Tharanga Chandrasekara