Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – New Announcement | Part 02

These are some of more news from Directions 2016.. Stay tuned for more info on Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Hope most of you already know App Store or Google Play, like that AppSource will be the place where customers by apps for Dynamics365 which are built with extensions. I don’t know much info about this at this time,  however will update back with more info. Seems very interesting and will be a very competitive market.

Publishing to AppSource

Few steps and you will have your own extension in AppSource 

To make things more clear
This is how everything fit together within Microsoft. Feel very simple?? 
All the images and details are taken from below feeds and please go have a look on those for more info. Directions | Daniel Rimmelzwaan | Let’s Talk NAV  | Saurav Dhyani

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