The profile owner has not been specified. Contact your system administrator – Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Check my previous two blog posts on how to Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC Client in Configuration Mode. 

Once you tried to open the RTC in the configuration mode to control the UI elements, many administrators get the below error due to one small configuration issues in the Dynamics NAV.

You do not have the permission to configure the “Profile Name” profile.

Even if you have the “Super” permission to the system, you will end up getting above error message if the configuration has not been set properly. So, one would think is there any other superior permission set other than “Super” permission set? No

This is actually not related to the permission of Dynamics NAV. Even though above error message says, it is related to permission issue which complicate things a bit. Sometimes users get

” The profile owner has not been specified. Contact your system administrator.

Which is really pointing to the right direction. 

Let’s see how to resolve the above issue. 
01. You just need to open the RTC in the normal mode 
02. Go to Profiles. 
03. Open the profile card which you tried to open in the config mode. 
04. In the “Owner ID” card set the owner ID as yours and close the card
05. Now close the RTC and open it again in the config mode. 

Hope it resolve the issue. 

You will not get the above error in the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV Clients, because Microsoft has removed the Owner ID (MSDN Source) to support the multitenant.

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Tharanga Chandrasekara

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