Tharanga Chandrasekara

Over ten years of experience in developing and implementing software solutions within the banking, tourism, manufacturing, education and retail sectors. Proven success of technical and functional skills in Technical Solution Development, Technical Consultation, Business Process Analyst, Process Re-Engineering, Solution Design, Project Management, Research & ERP Implementations. Managed and participated in over 40+ successful ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) implementations during the past 10+ years while building relationships and exceeding client and management expectations. Possess a strong ability to turn around at-risk projects and deliver unique results. Recognize the value of being friendly, calm and helpful when interacting with people in all areas of life and always willing to learn new skills to build on strengths and learn from experiences. Active member and a community moderator of the official Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community forum and regularly share knowledge with others through personal Dynamics NAV Blog, user groups and webinars. Strongly believes that "one small piece of knowledge someone shares today could be the cornerstone of a huge concept that changes the world tomorrow". Recognized as a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It is the only Dynamics NAV MVP in New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Specialities: » Development Languages: AL, C/AL, » ERP: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 to Business Central » Databases: MS SQL » Other: SANA, LS Retail

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Report back from Directions EMEA 2019: Technical

The first-day keynote was packed with stats and exciting announcements from Microsoft. As for the Microsoft general manager Toby Bowers, 1400+ partners selling Business Central worldwide. 4000+ customers actively using Business Central. 450+ business central solutions are available on AppSource. The number of users doubled compared to last year.     This clearly indicates that Business …

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Report back from Directions EMEA 2019

Starting from the second week of July to today, I had a completely packed schedule. It is a simple explanation about me blogging about the Directions EMEA after two months. August month started with 4 different Dynamics 365 Saturday community events every weekend and then came the Directions EMEA, after a few weeks time NAV …

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How to change the version of the AL Language compiler

Microsoft released a new update to AL Language extension for VS Code. With this new update, the compiler does a few pre-checks before compiling the objects and packages them into a .app file.  Most probably you will have to do minor changes to your extension codebase to work with the new compiler. Otherwise, you will …

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Platform property is still required in app.json

With the Wave 2 release, Microsoft did convert all the C/AL objects into AL. Since they want to lead by example they wanted their own code to be on extensions as well. Plus they wanted to split the objects based on its functionality. After converting to AL, Microsoft put the objects into below two extensions: System …

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How to handle breaking changes?

Wagner and I are on our way to Vienna to present at Directions EMEA, and now we got into our second flight after flying over 15000Km from Auckland New Zealand, to Dubai. We got another 6 hours to complete on this flight before we step our foot in Vienna. Went through the in-flight entertainment system, …

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Directions EMEA 2019 : We safely landed in Vienna

We safely landed in Vienna after flying over more than 18000+ Km. This is just normal to most of us who live on the edge of the world. As our prime minister used says even the shortest flight to our neighbor is more than 4 hours away. So flying for more than 24 hours is quite common …

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Too many requests reached

What is the maximum number of API requests Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can handle within a one minute?  Ran into this question a couple of months ago, specifically soon after the April release. Most of our Azure Logic Apps integrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central started to fail due to API endpoint changes.  …

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PowerShell: Run Script Error: Exception setting “CursorPosition”

Last week I was working on a PS script to upload files to an FTP and this script supposes to runs through a windows service. It runs perfectly well when it runs manually with the PowerShell ISE. However, when I scheduled it to run it through a service, service logs below error in the error …

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How to inject data to Customer Address Line 2 using Microsoft Business Central API

Creating a customer record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a topic I blogged about in one of my previous blog posts. If you have not read them yet I suggest you read it before going through this for better understanding.  Part 01: Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs Part 02: Understanding Microsoft Business …

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Understanding Microsoft Business Central Custom API Endpoints

This is the third blog post about the Microsoft Business Central APIs and I suggest you go through below blog posts first if you haven’t read them yet. Part 01: Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs Part 02: Understanding Microsoft Business Central Out-Of-The-Box API Endpoints If you want to access custom developed API then this blog …

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