VS Code Multi Screens (Floating editor windows)

If you are working with multiple screens, you might have been annoyed with VSCode many times because it does not support multiple screens very much. Sometimes, even on a single screen, you want to rearrange the vscode editor windows but struggle as vscode does not support that either. The great news is that it is …

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Directions EMEA 2023

This year, Directions EMEA is happening in Lyon, France, from the 1st of November to the 3rd of November. At the time of writing the article, over 2,500 people had already registered for the conference. I will lead two sessions with Stephen, which are related to Business Central integrations. The first session is more about …

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BCTechDays 2023

I am excited to announce that Vlad and I will be presenting a session on the topic of Future Management for Continuous Delivery at BCTechDays 2023 in Belgium. Our session will focus on the practice of feature management, which leverages feature flags to enable dynamic feature administration and quick changes to feature availability on demand. …

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Directions ASIA 2023

If you want to connect with other partners, have a front-row seat to learn about the newest releases, share information with other Business Decision-makers, or simply grow together with the Dynamics 365 community, attending Directions ASIA is a no-brainer. Directions4Partners are gathering the Microsoft teams and the best of the industry to come and teach you all the latest information in person, including: …

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How to create a version 22 Sandbox (latest)

Microsoft allows customers and partners to create version 22 Sandboxes so that partners and customers can start preparing for the next major release. Follow the blogs post to know how to create a new sandbox.

Why Dataverse

Microsoft Dataverse provides a flexible and scalable platform for building and managing custom business applications and integrations in the cloud. Its powerful data modelling framework, low-code customization capabilities, and integration with other Microsoft products and services can help companies improve their data management, streamline their business processes, and support better decision-making.

User account does NOT have permission to run docker commands

On Windows systems, if you receive a permission error when trying to run Docker commands inside a Windows container, it may be because the user account running the Docker command doesn’t have the necessary permissions to access the Docker daemon.

Business Central Performance Profiler

If a business process takes longer than expected, your administrator can use the Performance Profiler page to record a snapshot of the process. While recording, the profiler monitors all of the apps that are involved in the process.

Read Data from Dynamics 365 Business Central Replica Database (Data Access Intent) – Part 2

My previous blog post discussed the benefits of using the read-only replica database. You can read it here. I want to share a little bit more about the new option available with Business Central APIs. Microsoft’s dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 release (version 19) onwards allows you to specify the Data Access Intent directly …

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The request was blocked by the runtime to prevent accidental use of production services.

Once you create a Sandbox by copying over a production environment and trying to make HTTP requests, it gets blocked to prevent the use of production services. If you want to enable the requests going through, go to the Extension Management page and select the extension initiating the HTTP request. Go to the settings of …

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